15 April 2010


Sunny days at Camp Jubilee

Camp Jubilee! at Flickr.comI can almost see the place where my daughter Marina slept last night, and will again tonight. But not quite. She and her school classmates in grades 6 and 7 are at Camp Jubilee for a two-night, three-day outdoor education adventure.

The camp sits near the tiny shoreline community of Frames Landing (which I'd never heard of until I looked it up just now) on the west shore of Indian Arm, the fjord whose mountain boundaries I can see from my front window. But those mountains are so steep and packed together that, though the camp is closer to our house than the ski slopes of Grouse Mountain that we can see clearly every day, it is entirely hidden behind several tree-coated ridges.

The only way to reach Camp Jubilee (or the homes at Frames Landing) is by boat. The camp has one to ferry visitors back and forth from Deep Cove, the urban harbour about 15 minutes to the south that is the easternmost part of North Vancouver. The kids have been incredibly lucky this week: the weather has been sunny and unusually warm, and looks to remain so through tomorrow when they come back.

I'm sure they've had a great time, and Marina will be pooped when I pick her up at school in the afternoon. Her younger sister will be returning from her own day trip with her classmates snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain. I expect they'll be a couple of sleepy girls come Friday night.

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Lucky, lucky her! What a gorgeous location for a school trip. I hope both girls are having a fabulous, fabulous time.

Our ten-year-old is excited to be day-tripping to the science museum today. Ottawa is obviously way more boring than Vancouver.
I spend two weeks at Camp Jubilee as a child. I wish I remember more about the natural beauty of the place, and less about the yucky food. I wasn't a camper then and that hasn't changed. Clearly your daughter will have a wonderful time as I think things have changed enormously since the old days.
Marina said the food was good, the view was spectacular, the weather was great, the games and songs were fun, and she enjoyed learning to kayak. Her bed was a little uncomfortable (no surprise), but she reported that she slept well regardless.

Overall, I think it went about as well as it could possibly have. She's already looking forward to returning to horse camp in the summer.
My son will be going in September to Camp Jubilee and he is very excited about it. Glad to see that your daughter and so many other have enjoyed it.