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Free MP3 instrumental tunes, the occasional vocal song, and spoken-word podcast stuff from Derek K. Miller in Vancouver, Canada from 2006-2009. All Creative Commons licensed unless otherwise indicated. Tracks from 2004-2005 are at the archive page.

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Name: Derek K. Miller
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Writer, editor, web guy, drummer, and dad in Vancouver, Canada.

31 January 2007

Why blog about my cancer? (spoken word)

On January 30, host Priya Ramu of “On the Coast,” the popular afternoon drivetime show on Vancouver’s CBC Radio One, was skeptical about why I’d want to blog about something as personal as my diagnosis and treatment for colorectal cancer. We talked for nearly nine minutes (5 MB MP3 file) on air about why I chose to be so public about it. There is also a followup interview (6.3 MB) with Barry Stein of the Colorectal Cancer Society of Canada. © 2007 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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