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Free MP3 instrumental tunes, the occasional vocal song, and spoken-word podcast stuff from Derek K. Miller in Vancouver, Canada from 2006-2009. All Creative Commons licensed unless otherwise indicated. Tracks from 2004-2005 are at the archive page.

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Name: Derek K. Miller
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Writer, editor, web guy, drummer, and dad in Vancouver, Canada.

18 November 2008

In Phase One

Based on an old guitar riff I recorded more than two years ago, finally built into an actual instrumental tune while sitting at the B.C. Cancer Agency waiting around for blood tests and such. "In Phase One" (3.1 MB MP3 file, about 2 min 20 sec) has something of an '80s U2/Police/New Wave feel. Licensed for you to share and reuse, as long as you give me credit.

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Spokesmodel Six Eight

Earlier in 2008, I borrowed a set of MIDI electronic drums from our friends KA, Jeff, and Clive. "Spokesmodel Six Eight" (2.9 MB MP3 file) emerged from using that kit: its name comes from the 6/8 time signature I chose to play it in, since that's something not easy to find in the built-in drum loops for GarageBand. It's another track I expected to finish off, polish, and remix at some point, because it's nothing but drums and some guitars. No bass, no keyboards, no vocals, hardly any arrangement there at all. But it doesn't need more than that, and I particularly like the sounds of the guitars I managed to obtain. So rock out with it. Licensed for you to share and reuse, as long as you give me credit.

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06 November 2008

Cancer a year later (spoken word)

More than a year after my previous appearance on CBC Radio about my cancer, I spoke with (5.2 MB, about 12 minutes) host Stephen Quinn of the afternoon radio show "On the Coast" about all the drastic stuff I've been through since June 2007, including my major surgeries and several chemotherapy regimes, as well as the new phase of my cancer treatment, that of living with the disease rather than simply trying to destroy it. © 2008 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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