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Commentary About PowerPoint and Presentations

Bill Gates presents - complexityby Derek K. Miller

Here are some links to some articles and postings, some of which I have written, and some I found elsewhere since late 2003. They're all about presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint. I originally compiled this list for students in the Vancouver Film School Foundation program, to whom I gave a talk—okay, okay, a presentation—on 5 December 2003. But I add to the list periodically, so check back at penmachine.com/powerpoint from time to time to see what's new.

Steve Jobs presents - simplicityBack at VFS in 2003, I showed only two slides to those students. One of them was this picture, and the other pointed to the page you're reading now.

Now to the list. I slag PowerPoint a lot here, but my point is that if you know its flaws, you can avoid them and maybe use the program effectively to do what you need to do: tell a story. The newest entries appear at the bottom of this list, so scroll down if you've been here before.

The story. The story. The story. Tell your story. The tools are secondary.

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