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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
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Links of interest (2004-03-10):

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  • Jef Raskin on interface design: "Well, right now I can go back between my Windows machines and into my Macs, hardly having to think at all, they are so similar and they are both quite dreadful."

  • Search for a phrase and see how Google and Yahoo! rank the results differently.

  • "Milk is a commodity [but in software] every religious debate from vi vs. emacs to Macs vs. PCs is really a debate between differing individual preferences. [...] We can 'taste' the difference, which means the market for software is not like the market for 2% milk."

  • "The Japanese like bright colours and warm, emotional images when shopping online. Germans prefer darker colours and consider bright colours and flashy animation unprofessional. Canadians are least concerned about misuse of credit cards. Americans require less detailed product information."

  • Some of us may want a permanent, long-term e-mail address, but—totally aside from spam—that might not be true for everyone. "I might change [my e-mail address] to something more professional when I grow up," [one] 18-year-old said. "But for now, this one's good."

  • "Often Web servers are left configured to list the contents of directories if there is no default Web page in those directories; on top of that, those directories often contain lots of stuff that the website owners don't actually want to be on the Web. [But] relying on robots.txt to protect sensitive content is a bit like putting a sign up saying 'Please ignore the expensive jewels hidden inside this shack.'"


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