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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
# 10:23:00 PM:

Links of interest (2005-01-04):

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  • Why you shouldn't open new windows with links on your website. (I've never liked doing that, and almost none of my links here do.)

  • I didn't know that, when my current web host took over the one I'd originally signed up with (and significantly improved the service I was getting, I should add), they also created a new e-mail account for me. It's never been used, or advertised anywhere. Even I just stumbled upon it through the host's admin tools a few days ago. And, in a little over a year, it had accumulated more than 12,000 spam messages that I had to delete.

  • Darren Barefoot's outsider's perspective on Apple Computer's recent newfound coolness.

  • How to build traffic to your website, A to Z.

  • I didn't know that this website had its own Amazon ID number.

  • Speaking of which, Amazon's Red Cross donations page for the Indian Ocean tsunami will soon reach $15 million USD.

  • It's surprising how many prominent, intelligent, and presumably thoughtful people, when asked to name the Golden Age of their home city, basically answer "when I was a kid."


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