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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
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Not a phone geek

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I'm not a phone guy. I have a really basic mobile phone, nothing special. And I wish it were even more basic—like, could I get a PLAIN SINGLE-COLOUR background screen please, instead of some photo monstrosity that makes it hard to read? I'm glad that Engadget now has Engadget Mobile to hive off the endless latest-new-phone announcements so I can read about other gadgets, which I do like.

My favourite story about mobile phone techie-ness is of a guy (I can't remember who, or where I heard about him) who dropped his cell phone and busted the screen. He said, of course, "Damn, gotta get a new phone."

Then he realized something. "Wait a minute. It still works. JUST LIKE MY OLD LANDLINE. Pick it up, dial a number, if it rings, answer it." So he kept it.

I'd do that.

I did like Phil Torrone's old-school rotary cell phone hack from Gnomedex last year, though. It even has the old electromechanical bells. That is cool.


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