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Sunday, March 18, 2007
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Our houseguest

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Dizzy at Flickr.comI've never owned a dog. My roommates and I had a cat, Guildenstern, who died back in the early '90s. And I was a member of the Aquarium Club back in grade 8. So our houseguest Dizzy (a.k.a. Podcast Puppy) is something new for me.

He's adorable, even though he does poop and barf on the floor, or roust us out of bed for some outside time first thing in the morning. He sleeps at my wife's feet on our bed—she's clearly the Alpha in this household, and while she's allergic to most furry things, Dizzy is not among them (thankfully, neither am I). Dizzy is friendly with the kids, who think he's wonderful. And he is.

Still, while it's fun to dogsit for a few days, and I like Dizzmo a lot, I don't really want to own a dog, or a cat, or even a fish. I'll take my pets in small, returnable doses for now.


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