15 June 2007


Cancer benefit concerts in Ontario

Over on the other side of Canada, Mark Blevis of the Canadian Podcast Buffet and Sean McGaughey are each performing separate musical gigs in different cities tonight, as part of the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life. They say they're dedicating part of their performances to me and my cancer battle. If you're in Penetanguishene or Stittsville, Ontario (what strange names they give their towns there), why not head down and check 'em out?

Thanks guys!

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Mark just called me from the stage and had the audience say hi to me over his cell phone. How awesome! Thank you!
Thanks for being "joining me on stage", Derek. Keep up the great fight. You look and sound great.

You're welcome Derek. In Penetanguishene we had about 1000 people walking in a beautiful waterfront park. After they shut down the mainstage at 12:00 due to the noise bylaw, several of us went down in front of the stage and jammed.