30 June 2007


Party tonight, interview posted, rock tomorrow

Happy birthday, walrus! Aww, you shouldn't have. at Flickr.comToday's my 38th birthday. Thank you to everyone who's wished me well, and to everyone who's coming to the party tonight (and to my wife, who's organizing the whole thing). If you insist on a gift, go to my friend Gillian's donation page for the Underwear Affair cancer fundraising run, which takes place next Saturday, July 7, one day after I get my major surgery. Send some money for research on cancers below the waist. That would be good.

If you missed the interview my wife and I had with Paul Grant on CBC Radio yesterday, I've now posted the audio to my podcast (MP3 file). Thanks to my dad for recording it. I think our podcasting experience pays off—we sound pretty good on air.

Also one more reminder that at the HBC Run For Canada tomorrow, my band will be playing at the start/finish zone on Coal Harbour near the north foot of Jervis Street in downtown Vancouver, between 9 a.m. and around noon. With upcoming surgery and stuff, it will be my last performance with the group for some time, so if you're up for some rock 'n' roll in the morning, that's a good chance for a free show and to see me play the drums.

Finally, thank you Alistair for finding the bizarre birthday photo that accompanies this post. I am not a walrus, but do I still get the bucket of fish?

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Great interview, Derek and Airdree. You guys are amazingly strong and inspirational.

Have a great birthday bash!
mighty d! great interview - you do both sound great and thank you for posting it! i was trying to search it out on cbc from the states and was having no luck!

i hope you are jamming with the band this morning (i think?) and had an AWESOME party!

i appreciate and understand (as a person who has lost 3 parents - yeah, well i am a child of the 70's and san francisco, go fig)the comments you made about remaining optimistic yet not in denial - cause they aren't the same things! and yes - i COULD choke on a chicken bone today!!! i've seen many of the comments people have left you and just want to reiterate that - even if this is "the thing" for you - many years could be and i think are ahead of you - many good years! anyways, you and air are in my thoughts so frequently! for 2 folks i've never met, y'all are my friends in canada that pop into my mind in "RL" all the time!!

now, about that bday present, going to go make a donation to that underwear lady!!

happy birthday! hope to maybe meet you both maybe before the next one!!!

lisa in virginia
Happy belated birthday to you Derek. Listening to your interview, Airdrie and Derek, makes me realize even more that everyday is precious and time spent with family and friends is a gift to cherish.
I've already given money to the cancer foundation on Gillian's behalf and I plan on giving lots more. My Dad, his older sister and his older brother had cancer when they passed away.