19 June 2007


So how'd we do?

CT Scan Machine at Flickr.comI just had a CT scan at the Cancer Agency (I'm blogging this from one of their public computers).

My doctors will look at it to see how much my cancer has shrunk since we hit it with radiation and chemotherapy starting in April, and use the results to plan my surgery on July 26, as well as any followup chemo in the autumn. I'm supposed to get a copy of the data CD so I can look at the scan myself using some free software that can open DICOM files, but apparently that has to wait until my oncologist Dr. Kennecke looks at it next week.

That means I have to wait, which will be frustrating. So right now I'm going to the post office, and to buy some bagels.

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Excellent, Derek. You hit it mercefully as you had to do. Good job. Keep it that way. You may want to talk with you doctors about some form of chemopreventation after therapy.
Does that mean they can decide whether or not you need a follow-up chemo just by looking at your CT scan ? Sounds extraordinary.

I guess they just say how likely it is, just so you know. Then when they open, they go for it, chop it into little pieces, analyse each of them, and only then, they can really say what's up.

In any case, we just bypassed you on this one, because JH's surgery is planned on July 10 th, so we will let you know any detail you're interested in.

The end of the tunnel is close !

(French saying - any english equivalent ?)
I think the CT scan just helps them with planning for the surgery, and won't change anything in itself. I also have an ultrasound next week (to make up for the one I missed last week) to give them additional information.

The English expression is pretty close: "we can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

(And, as the song by Cracker says, "someone please tell me that it's not a train." :) )