01 July 2007


I'm totally spent, baby

My birthday party yesterday was fantastic. Thank you thank you thank you to my amazing wife who organized it, and to everyone who came. The gig with the band this morning was fabulous. I am completely wiped out, but it was worth it. Some photos (click each one to see more from that event):

Derek's Birthday Party - 23.jpg

More Neurotics at HBC Run - 34.jpg

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Thank you so much...it was a wonderful birthday party. Everyone had a great time. What a surprise gifts for me too..Airdrie & Derek thank you for the lovely stoneware butter keeper..Gail & Ralph the beautiful flowers..Christine & Norbert you always bring gifts for the kids whenever we see you...You're all very thoughtful..Thank you again..Much love Sirkka
Here are some more photos from Roland.