24 September 2007


Meetup with Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research and Tod Maffin of CBC

Some of us had a blogger meetup in Yaletown tonight. Here are a few photos:

Waiting for the Meetup Opus Hotel Lobby Mark Blevis and Derek Miller The Meetup Crew Geeks Like Cool Phones

Those who joined in were Rachel Newton, Chuck LeDuc, Mark Blevis, Tatsuya Nakagawa, Andrei Iancu, Vern Baker, Tod Maffin, Jeremiah Owyang, and me.

UPDATE: Here are some more photos from Mark and Jeremiah, who has also posted some video from our table at Milestones:

Tod Maffin Andrei's cell phone and business card scanner Me and Tod Maffin Vern Baker
Jeremiah, Rachel, Chuck and Vern Jeremiah Owyang taking videos Chuck LeDuc Me and Derek Miller
Rachel Newton Me and Andrei Iancu Derek Miller and Tatsuya Nakagawa Picture 1539
Picture 1541 Picture 1542 Picture 1544 Picture 1545

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It was great to hang out with you, Derek. And, thanks for the ride.
cool pics, got to meet J too briefly at the Vidfest mixer