14 September 2007


That wasn't all that bad

Compared to everything else that has happened recently, that surgery was a walk in the park. I'm home now, and going to have a nap. Or watch some more MythBusters.

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Derek. I found about you and your condition from a video on Chris' YouTube channel and wanted to stop by and hope for the best to you and your family. Cancer has effected a lot of my family and it's hard. So take care and all the best!

Howard Pinsky.
Hi Derek, my father has colorectal cancer too, but it seems that you were lucky in a sense of being diagnosed at an earlier stage. I know what you are passing through right now. We've been living it for one year. Good luck to you and your family in this fight. Be strong.
Hi !

We thought about you today. Glad to know everything went well.

We are back at the hospital too, JH's next surgery being next Wednesday - so it is all the usual, appointment with the anesthesist, nervousness, etc. He goes in on Tuesday evening. Except I am not going to be very available for visits, September being a very busy month for school teachers !

We know your path turns out to be a longer one - so keep your good spirits. Seems you really have good doctors, and that is the most important.