09 September 2007


The New Odds

For an old-time fan of the Odds like me, this is really interesting.

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I was very excited last week when I saw that they were touring again, but devastated that I this found out *after* their only nearby gig (Delta).

However I emailed Craig Northey to ask about more local shows and he said they will be doing a show in Vancouver proper once the new album is released. Yay!
Sweet. With any luck that album will be out, and doing a show in Vancouver the same time I'm there in January :)
how funny!

they were one of the first shows i EVER saw--for free in a record store in saskatoon. my next door neighbour and i biked to the show and there was like 20 people there. it was actually really great.
Craig Northey, undoubtedly one of the finest lyricists in Canada (plays a good guitar 2)
Every silver lining has a cloud
If you'd like to hear me interview Craig, head over to Inside Home Recording. Doug Elliott plays bass in my band sometimes too.