30 August 2007


Not for the arachnophobes

That's one big spider web, which does a great job at getting rid of mosquitoes. It's not as big as this one, though.

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hi, did you know you were name-checked in The Guardian (UK broadsheet) this week?
- as a fellow colon-cancer blogger I've popped over to read and added comments in your religious post and your dead men walking post, and also the one about bravery!

My brother always says we're ALL dead men walking, and *certainty* in life is only an illusion. Having this disease gives us a very clear view of that, and time to evaluate our priorities and attitudes to loved ones. I've enjoyed this part of it.

I see you recently bought diamonds for your wife. My wife has done the same for me! That made me smile...

The love you two share is obviously *for ever* and of course you were damned right to encourage her to take her trip to Vegas ...

Maybe we'll hook up again .. I can tell you one good thing, the chemo regime turned out to be far easier to deal with after having an ileostomy - no more of that dreadful constipation! also - do you know of the ileostomy association website? you may have similar in Canada but I've found their froums really helpful for practical things to do with our particular needs (I post in there as suze too)
Thanks for the note about the Guardian! I'll blog it next.