28 August 2007


The three dimensional moon

Eclipse by J.K. Miller at Flickr.comMy dad has been an amateur astronomer most of his life; many of my childhood memories are of telescopes and dark skies and conventions of stargazers like him. This morning he woke up dreadfully early to take some photos of the lunar eclipse.

They turned out wonderfully. I'm especially fond of the mysterious limb that emerges from the darkness as the moon comes back into the light, and shows our satellite as the three-dimensional sphere it is. What an amazing universe we live in.

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Wow what a beautiful picture!
That being said... I've often wanted to invest in a telescope for the sole purpose of using it to take pictures. Is this from the lunar eclipse yesterday? Has he used it to take any pictures in the past?

(Sorry for the double post, didn't think before i clicked 'submit'!)
that actually makes me feel better about not having the least inclination to wake up and see it myself (sleep is VERY important these days), 'cause it is so much more beautiful than I could have seen by myself - lazy but true! Your Dad is cool...