26 August 2007



Dog Tired at Flickr.comIt turns out that the other antibiotic I'm taking, metronidazole, has fatigue as a side effect—just what I need. Yesterday I woke up, got the kids breakfast, and flaked around for awhile. Then we went to Ikea for a couple of hours. When we got home, I slept for another three hours before dinner. At 7:30 I slept again, all night, until almost 10:00 this morning.

I think I could sleep all the time given the opportunity. Most of the time, when I think "what was I doing 12 hours ago?", the answer is "sleeping." It's insane. Fortunately I'm only taking these pills for ten days, then perhaps I'll perk up again.

It would probably be fine if I weren't so tired to start with, but compounding the fatigue I already have is more than I'd prefer to deal with. Maybe a bunch of coffee would help.

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hey Derek.

I finished a course of flagyl a couple of weeks ago. I found it to be horrible, in terms of side effects. I caused me to drop into a major depression. Plus chronic nausea, nightmares and the fatigue. Some people don't react to it, but a lot of us do. It seemed to clear up the infection, though :-).

Be good to yourself,

My goodness - I am taking that one now - I guess that explains my need to take a nap every afternoon? I have found the other side effect is serious gas - I mean really serious.
Side effects can be so brutal...I really admire your strength and determination - not many people would be able to keep blogging in your situation. Keep at it, especially if it helps :) Take care.
I have found a bright spot with my own treatment-induced fatigue, I no longer have any guilt at all about blowing off social obligations. Also, I can drink HUGE amounts of caffeine and still go right to sleep. /:0)
I could do that beforehand, and it's certainly true now. I slept 12 hours last night after taking my kids up the street to bike around their schoolyard (among other things earlier in the day). It's quite astonishing.