22 August 2007


The ultimate Spike TV scenario?

The other night I had a dream that someone asked me to come up with the most "Spike TV" scenario I could think of. Spike is a cable network aimed at young men, and "now airs a combination of original programming and reruns of network programming, including series from the CSI and Star Trek franchises, MXC, Game Head, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and Ultimate Fighting Championship programming." They also show a lot of kung fu movies, as well as commercials for razors, motor oil, and fast cars.

In my dream, I didn't even have to think much about it. I could probably pitch this as a Spike TV commercial without much resistance. The scenario is:

Driving a flaming truck off a bridge into an icy river, but parachuting to safety on the back deck of a waiting speedboat populated by supermodels wearing only fur coats and preparing all-beef hot dogs on a built-in gas barbecue.

I haven't watched all that much Spike TV, but I guess I've seen enough. I must have been watching something (probably CSI) on Spike before I feel asleep that night.

But I'm sure that you, my readers, can come up with something even more macho, right?

Unrelated, but this guy is still driving the first car he ever bought, a 1929 Ford Model A he purchased in 1938 for $10. Nifty.

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sounds very James Bondish.
Setting your friend up to drive a truck that will explode into flames and swerve wildly into oncoming traffic before going over the bridge into icy water, but giving him a soft landing in a passing barge full of particularly smelly garbage soup, that he will have to ingest and swim through before clambering up the side of the container to see you driving by, in a fast boat that has been utterly pimped up, while you get tattoo'd by a supermodel while the other supermodels who are competing to see who can cook you the best beef burger. It is a strip cook-off.
Oh, and there should be some trampoline-ing involved. Though I saw THAT on a podcast.
That's officially more awesomely testosterone-sexist than mine. Any other takers? (P.S. The channel's slogan is "Get More Action." Forgot to mention that.)
The funny thing is.. AFTER writing this, I wound up going to a friend's place last night... and he was watching the UFC on Spike... and there was an awesomely testosterone-sexist commercial clip for the network, too. Nice timing :)