02 September 2007


Adding to the collection

When my wife and I were married in 1995, rather than a traditional bone china pattern, we chose an elaborate pattern from Portmeirion, from a factory in the U.K. The dishes and vases and bowls and vases we have accumulated over the years are safe to use in our dishwasher and oven, and since the kids have gotten old enough (i.e. no more likely to break the dishes than we are), we use them again as for our daily meals.

My wife even has one of the Portmeirion bees as a tattoo. She browses Craigslist in her spare time, and this week spotted a good deal on some more Portmeirion tableware. We bought it, and these are the latest additions to our collection:

New PM

After all these years I find the pattern—called Botanic Garden—very comforting, something that makes our home what it is. It makes morning coffee or evening sushi or spaghetti taste better.

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Mmmmmm, Craigslist. Fun to browse for things. I got a great shelf setup recently. Fun to browse usedvictoria/vancouver.com too
Stupid side trivia about Portmeirion - that is where they shot the TV show "The Prisoner" with Patrick Mcgoohan.

Christel and I have a Portmeirion Christmas plate. Lovely stuff.