30 August 2007


Fame in the U.K.

Hey, Scott Rosenberg mentioned me in an article in The Guardian (thanks to Suze for finding it) today. Thanks Scott.

I met with my oncologist Dr. Kennecke today, and it looks like I will start more chemotherapy in a little over a month. Oddly, I'm looking forward to that.

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Derek, this may sound kind of weird, but was your appointment at around 8 this morning? I was at the same clinic for an appointment and I could have sworn I saw you. (Not that you have any clue who I am.) But I wasn't going to go up and say, "Hey, are you that guy with the blog?" It seems coincidental that you had an appointment today, but perhaps you have a long lost GI twin.
Oh, never mind. Just realized you said oncologist. Hence you must have a doppleganger.