12 September 2007


The brightness

I was a bit disturbed this morning when I sat down on the porch with my MacBook and saw a strange bright blob in the middle of the LCD screen. I thought the display might be damaged, but when I moved the laptop the spot went away.

Then I realized that the spot was actually the light of the sun, which is so bright that it is shining through the translucent Apple logo on the back of the lid, and illuminating the centre of the screen from behind. (Normally the logo is lit up the opposite way, by the lamp from the LCD panel.) I guess you could call it a design flaw.

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(with corrected spelling):
Actually, that sounds kinda cool. Any photos of the event? Was the blob in the shape of Steve Jobs' head?

The whole concept reminds me of something that would be in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Had the same thing happen to me a few times. I'm on my 3rd Apple laptop - you would think I would have learned by now
It's actually pretty faint, just looking like a brighter area of the screen, with no specific shape, so no, I couldn't get a photo.
I was in a panic with studying and popped my powerbook on a table in a coffee shop and was working away when I realized that the display started acting really weird where the apple logo was. When I moved the computer to see if there was something behind it, that was when I noticed that there was a small candle burning my apple logo. Luckily the display seemed to correct after a while but the apple logo was not apple shaped from that day onward.
The moral of the story, look first.....put laptop down after.
Funny, the same thing happened to me for the first time yesterday, despite owning my MacBook for nearly a year. Was it UNUSUALLY sunny in Metro Vancouver yesterday?
Are you sure it wasn't the Virgin Mary?
"was it UNUSUALLY" sunny in Vancouver?


Ha ha ha ha.


Uh, yeah, you could say that the appearance of "the big yellow eye from above that burns us pale skins" was an unusual event here in Raincouver.