27 November 2007


I'll let you guess how I'm feeling today

Wicked head cold at Flickr.comThere's a clue in the photo.

Normally a cold wouldn't be a big deal, but tomorrow I have another chemotherapy treatment. I called the Cancer Agency wondering if I needed to take any extra precautions, either for myself or to avoid infecting anyone else.

They said a simple head cold was indeed no big deal, and that I should just rest, drink fluids, and have some soup. (There's modern medical science for you!) I'll go in for the treatment tomorrow as usual. I expect a compound crappy feeling by Thursday, when the chemo usually feels its worst.

I will also take this opportunity to reinforce that Tylenol Cold really works. I no longer have the pounding sinus headache I woke up with.

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Crappy, stupid colds!! Glad to hear that you're doing better.
I always thought there should be a law saying that if you already got cancer, you can't also have a cold.

You have to leave some things for other people too !

Like this summer, when we had to cope with cancer AND lice (true, it was the children that got those, but still).

Just a tad too much, I thought.
agreed on tylenol cold -- but as a money coach, I can't not point out that you can get no-name brand stuff, exactly 100% the same drugs, at a fraction of the price. i use it all the time - ever since living with a pharmacy student as a roommate back in the good old days.

hope the cold disappears fast ;)
Feelin' blue? Try a new 'do.

If you need some ideas, come see me, there are some ideas I wanted to try but ran out of hair.
Oh no. I hope you don't have "the man cold." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLHWmjA5IE

I hope you feel better soon.

My stuff is actually the generic version, and you're right, it's a lot cheaper.
Hello Derek!

Here is the blog of an amazing person that is also suffering from cancer:


I thought I'd post the link so that you can visit her site, in case you weren't aware of it.

Hope everything is going away:)

P.S I found some information on laetrile, reading between the lines in medical research and clinical trials. it seems that it may have a mild anti-cancer effect and also it may have had stabilised cancer with continuous dosing at various cancer patients. All you have to do is to eat your fruits like apples whole (with the seeds) and berries (like straberries!). It may help (just don't overdo it with the seeds).