11 November 2007


The Nerd Handbook

I'm pretty nerdy, but not completely so, according to the Nerd Handbook (via Gruber). For instance:

  • I do not see the world as "a system which, given enough time and effort, is completely knowable." We humans can learn a lot, but not everything, which I think is kind of cool.
  • While I have built myself a Cave (in the basement, natch), I don't spend very much time in it since I bought a laptop.
  • I don't love video games. Fun, sure, but I can take them or leave them. It's why we own a Wii instead of an Xbox or PS3.
  • I'm decent at small talk, and I love talking in front of crowds. But I'm not a big fan of calling up strangers on the phone.

However, much of the rest is pretty darn accurate. And going through the article to nit-pick out the parts that don't apply to me is pretty darn nerdy of me too, isn't it?

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