07 November 2007


Nintendo Wii remote jacket unboxing

I received my four free wiimote jackets today. (I guess there was a whole lot more unintentional TV- and head-bonking than I've experienced.) Here's how the unpacking went:

Wiimote jacket unbox - 01 - bag Wiimote jacket unbox - 02 - contents Wiimote jacket unbox - 03 - side by side Wiimote jacket unbox - 04 - front Wiimote jacket unbox - 05 - side
Wiimote jacket unbox - 06 - back Wiimote jacket unbox - 07 - top IR transceiver Wiimote jacket unbox - 08 - bottom connector Wiimote jacket unbox - 09 - four jackets Wiimote jacket unbox - 10 - leaning towers

I like Nintendo's "puffy parka" silicone design better than the third-party skins I've seen up till now. The only problem? The wiimotes no longer sit upright in Nintendo's own organizer tray that we have.

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How do you get free jackets? What is your favourite game on the wii?
Nintendo offers the free jackets through their jacket request page. As for my favourite game? Well, I still enjoy Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling a lot -- but I don't have Guitar Hero III yet.

I also enjoyed Wario Ware Smooth Moves when we rented it. Very silly.
Holy phallic symbol, Batman. Wii-mote condoms?
That's a much better name. Puffy wiimote condoms?
Is GH3 really available on Wii? I keep hearing early next year.
Don't tell these folks, or Toys R Us or Amazon.