31 October 2007


Happy blogiversary

Darn, I missed it again. Saturday, October 27 was this website's seventh birthday as a blog—it existed for three years and a bit before that as a set of plain old "web pages," but not with regular updates. I've been using Blogger to run it ever since that switch. (If I were starting today, I'd probably go with WordPress, but there's a lot of momentum.)

So happy blogiversary this week, Penmachine. I haven't tried a word count in a long time, but I'd bet it's scary. I'm up to 2,927 individual posts, so this blog is probably north of 800,000 words by now.

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If you're running this with a MySQL db in the back-end (I don't know if you can use blogger just as software, or if they host as well) and you could give me access to the shell and db I could count the words for you. Not that you're interested.
Blogger runs everything on the Google servers, and simply publishes to my server via FTP, so what you see here is just PHP includes and static HTML. So nope, no DB access for you!
Or me, for that matter.