23 October 2007


The fires

IMG_1495 at Flickr.comMy parents are visiting San Diego for a few days. Their hosts live right by the seashore in La Jolla, and are in no danger from the massive fires to the east, but the sky is still raining ash, and the sun is reddened by the smoke, as my dad's photo shows.

Hundreds of thousands of people (I thought I misread that, but no, 500,000 it is) have had to evacuate their homes. To see what's really going on from way high up, check out this satellite view:

Southern California wildfires 2007 - satellite photo

Nasty. My parents return tomorrow, assuming flights out of San Diego Airport are running normally.

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I'm meant to go to LAX in about 1 week to visit my son, I'm hoping by then those Canadian water bombing planes do their job that we're sending over. Although my son is in no imminent danger at this time, he said the air is terrible and described the sun just like your Dad's picture. Barbra