23 October 2007


Waaaay belated thank you

Derek's Birthday Party - 36.jpg at Flickr.comBack in June, I turned 38 and my wife threw me a big awesome party. I had a great time, but I was in a lot of pain at the time, and it was only a week before I went in for major surgery, spending most of July in hospital.

So I have a bit of an excuse for not taking careful note of every gift from every person—especially among the stack of gift cards and certificates that have been sitting next to my bed for the past four months. Today my wife and I walked to the mall, bringing along a couple of bookstore gift cards from that pile, and discovered that one of them was worth $150! And I have no idea who gave it to me (it wasn't labeled for purchaser or amount).

So I'll take this opportunity to say a long-belated thank you again to everyone who came to the party, and to everyone who gave me a gift, even if I don't know what you gave me.

After a solid week of pounding, soaking rain, it is also a spectacular, sunny, warm autumn day, up to 16°C this afternoon, and I'm back-porch blogging for perhaps the last time this year. I'm feeling good. Thanks for that too.

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Was from everybody at Navarik. I did a whip around right before the party, and Joanna got the gift card as I was out of town that weekend.

Ahh, thanks Tony!
I gave you 3 or 4 DS games. Not that you were asking people to remind you, but feel free to be specifically thankful to me if it makes you feel better.