17 October 2007



My Buddy Icon - Sept 05 - 11, 2005 at Flickr.comTonight my wife was about to cook some dinner when she accidentally sliced a deep gouge at the base of her thumb with one of our sharp, sharp knives. That short-circuited dinner plans, but fortunately there is a walk-in clinic nearby where she could get treated quickly, with a tetanus shot, some medical tape, and bandages. We were in and out within half an hour. (Had it been late at night, we'd probably still be waiting at the hospital ER.)

Also luckily, I'm feeling surprisingly good today after a nurse removed my chemotherapy "baby bottle" following the allotted two days of treatment. So I was able to prepare the Hamburger Helper and salad tonight while my wife recovered on the couch with a book and a nice glass of wine.

Now we're sitting by a fire in the living room, and the kids are watching some TV. It's a nasty rainy night out there, but we are dry and warm inside. I'm tired, but I'm glad things are back to normal.

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Sounds like a warm and fuzzy ending. :)
ERs *suck*.
Whenever I need to be hospitalized due to neutropenic fever I have to go through the ER, even though we can give them a 3 hours notice, and it's always crowded and takes forever.
I wish we had your weather. Here it's still quite warm, even though we had some nice lightnings and a tad of rain yesterday.