11 October 2007


Awkward but workable

Wii System at Flickr.comYesterday, Nintendo released some software updates for the Wii that permit you to make reasonably full use of a USB keyboard to type stuff like URLs and text in the Opera-based Internet Channel browser and other places.

In fact, I'm using my old Apple Pro Keyboard on the Wii to type this right now, and it works pretty well. I needed an extension cable to reach the Wii (a wireless USB keyboard would be good), and I still need to use the Wiimote to click buttons. Plus there is no way to select or copy and paste text, as far as I can tell, which is annoying. But it works, and it's a lot better than pecking the onscreen keyboard with the Wiimote as I had to do before.

Ideally, Nintendo or someone else would come out with a wireless keyboard that includes some of the Wiimote features to make the process work better, but for now it's an acceptable experience.

It would be even better with an LCD HDTV instead of our old CRT unit, but if I want to browse the Web for real, I really should use one of our computers anyway. At the moment, browsing Flickr and Facebook works well enough that it is no longer painful. Good job, Nintendo.

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That's cool. I'd have been even more impressed if you'd posted this entry via your Wii.
humm... I will have to check that out myself. Problem is, I have been spending WAY too much time on my 360, and playing PS2 games on the PS3. The Wii is being ignored, although the kids like it. Hey, Derek, let's get you on our podcast soon!

Tim Robertson
no cut and paste? no real keyboard? have to dork out something of a DIY solution for data entry? Heck on the iPhone, it's a FEATURE! ;)
forgot to add... at least Nintendo won't brick your Wii for trying :D

(puts sharp sticks away now)
COOOL!!!......I mean......how functional.
By the way, I *did* type the blog post on the Wii.