29 October 2007


Classical and jazz music recommendations

IMG_3522 at Flickr.comI've lost where I found these links, but they're good:

I'm no expert on either classical or jazz music. I guess that's who (okay, whom) those lists are for. It probably also explains why I think Gould and Vince Guaraldi should be on them.

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So Ummm.. Why haven't you mention anything about Guitar Hero III? I thought for sure you would have picked it up. I just bought it for my Wii and I have already played so many hours in 2 days that I think I gave myself tendinitis. :)
Because I have not picked it up. I'm sure I will eventually.
I fully agree with you on Glenn Gould. Murray Perahia is a great pianist, but Gould's Goldberg Variations (or should I call them Gouldberg Variations?) are unmatched.