28 December 2007



Here, this afternoon, is what Kingsway in Vancouver looked like just as we were driving up the long, slow hill into Burnaby—notice there is no snow at all:

Kingsway near Victoria Drive - no snow

Mere minutes later we near the crest of the hill near our house in Burnaby, and it looked this way:

Burnaby near Metrotown - lots of snow

We needed the extra grip from the snow tires to get up our steep driveway. In Greater Vancouver, a few metres of extra elevation make all the difference.

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what's the elevation map look like for your drive? You can use mapmydrive.com to get a graph displaying elevation compared to distance. It's a neat feature I use now and then.
Randy, that site looks like a generic link farm -- is there another URL?
Hey Derek nice chatting with you briefly on Twitter other day @bbluesman. Admire your music and style-just refered you to another friend on Twitter who is also battling cancer and getting ready to do podcast @preppydude. Will be adding more penmachine music shortly and hope to see you on Twitter. Wishing you a healthier new year by the year!