20 December 2007


Last podcasts before Christmas

IHR ElfedThe latest episode of Inside Home Recording, the podcast I co-host, has just gone online in MP3 and Enhanced AAC formats. Go listen if you want to hear about nice headphones from Ultrasone, rockin' guitar sounds from Guitar Rig 3 software, or the black vs. silver debate.

Also, if you like the background music that's part of my Guitar Rig 3 review, you can download that (it's called "Striking Silver" and is 12 minutes long) as an MP3. It's the first original instrumental I've posted to the Penmachine Podcast since "Fakeout" way back in February. But you know, it's been a busy year.

My wife's Lip Gloss and Laptops podcast posted their final show (MP3) of 2007 last week.

Yesterday evening I went to three different Christmas events, all with food. This week may have been about podcasting, but now it seems time to eat. And wrap. Ho ho ho.

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Woohoo! More listening!

All the best to you, Airdree and your two daughters for an amazingly happy, healthy and safe holiday season. 2008 will be 'your year'.
a new song and a long one no less! thanks much for tunes and the inspiration man - much respect and kind vibes for the new year. enjoy festivus!