15 December 2007


Internet oldness

ScoblesIt seems wrong that I've been blogging longer than Robert Scoble—and unlike him, you can still read my first post from 2000, which rolled in three years of website updates all the way back to 1997, ten years ago.

Even that was almost seven years after I first connected to the Internet in 1990. My first BBS experience was in the spring of 1983. We're coming up on 25 years from that now. Yeesh.

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As a 55 year old computer/internet hound. I've been online for 11 years. Had 20 computers since 1983. It all has gone by way too fast but lovin' every minute of it.
PS Glad to have you out there in the ether Derek.
PS2 Hope to see you on the Lab with Leo again someday.
Take care
tz.ucs.sfu.ca is dead! Long live tz.ucs.sfu.ca! :)