03 March 2008


Drums with Derek

IMG_7598 at Flickr.comDespite the crap of the past week, I managed to get some of my hobby stuff done anyway, including a new episode of the Inside Home Recording podcast (in which you can hear me play electronic drums) and a couple of appearances on Leo Laporte's Lab With Leo TV show.

Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before The Lab episodes go to air, and more time after that before they're available online. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks to the Holloways for loaning me the use of the swanky electronic drums on both shows, by the way.

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Hey Derek

Just listened to IHR with the time signatures. Awesome. I was familiar with Pink Floyd's "Money" being 7/8 time, but fanstastic to hear all the other examples. Top job!

Steve Taylor
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks Steve. It was fun to do too.