03 March 2008


Good CT scan results

Of course I would prefer if the small metastatic tumours in my lungs were gone or shrinking significantly. But they are stable, so this is still an encouraging report from my oncologist today:

Looks great, the pulmonary embolus [blood clot in the lung] has resolved! The [cancerous] spots in the lung are the same size... all good, cheers!

"Looks great" and "all good" are nice words from a cancer doctor, and it's very pleasant to be rid of the blood clot.

Onward. Damn right.

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Hurray! I hope this makes you guys feel a bit better after the bad weekend.
Excellent news! x
yes, hooray!
Onward indeed. Keep up the good news!
Damn good news.
Wahoo!!! The beast is tamed!!

Great news

Well, I don't know about tamed, but at least mollified.
Yay!!! Just the best news, you're on your way. I'm so happy for you and your entire family. You certainly all earned the good news.

Wahoo!!! the beast is mullified!!

Yes! This is great news.
I'm so glad that you received good news, Derek. I guess after the scare on Sunday, you needed that big time.
Congrats--sounds like a step in the right direction. Hurray for noxious chemicals!
Glad to hear! :)
Can't wait to hear more good news.
That's so great to hear, Derek--I really hope you're feeling a bit better after the crazy weekend, and glad you're okay!