16 April 2008


The Vancouver light

I finally saw Juno tonight. My kids and I watched it on DVD together. Yes, it's a very good movie. You can read the reviews for that.

As somebody who lives in Vancouver, what I really noticed was how obviously Vancouver it is. You can see it in the locations—the residential architecture and subdivisions, the trees and lawns, and especially the light. As in so many things filmed here, like The X-Files and everything else, the light is different from what you see in productions filmed in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, or other film centres.

It must be the combination of our latitude, weather, proximity to the sea—cloudy or sunny, rain or snow—it looks like here. Maybe Seattle might look similar, yet somehow things filmed there don't look the same.

Does anyone have a line on why that might be?

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People talk about the quality of the light in New Zealand too.

I recall once, decades ago, having a whole heap of enlarged photos spread out after a trip to Europe. In amongst them all was one from NZ. It shone out.

This may be of interest - also follow the link at the end:

architecture, particularly high rises. My mom's husband explained the subtle differences to me once, what was different. But I don't remember. All I know is I can tell a difference between Seattle and Vancouver. Not by climate, foliage, weather or light. In fact, stick to just filming neighborhoods, houses and such, and it becomes much more difficult.
I like to believe that it's also how clean our air is relative to other cities; it's all that rain!