25 May 2008


Broccoli and cheese

Broccoli and cheese 1 at Flickr.comMy older daughter is 10 years old, and like many kids, she's a picky eater. She's never liked most fruits and vegetables—not the flavour so much as the texture. She finds bananas actively repulsive, and won't go anywhere near a salad.

However, for some reason she's developed a taste for broccoli, of all things. Last night before bed, she was hungry after a long day at Playland with her friend. She asked for broccoli as a bedtime snack. With her special cheese sauce, which she made herself based on a recipe from her grandmother.

I had some too. It was yummy.

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Derek, my daughter is also 10. She would not touch broccoli. Loves cheese on eggs and cheese sticks, but not broccoli. Now there is a parenting book title for you. Proper Nutrition For Your 10ager.
Hmmm... Not sure why kids hate broccoli sometimes, but I've developed a taste for it that I really have kept to this age. My mother would boil the broccoli and then let it cool off and we'd have it with lime and salt sprinkled on top (like a salad). Quite yummy.
Neither my wife nor our younger daughter (both of whom are otherwise much more catholic in their food tastes than our broccoli-liking daughter) can stand the stuff. So it's even odder that broccoli, which is near the top of the list of hated foods for most kids -- at least those who've never had to try lutefisk or tripe -- is what our oldest likes.