09 May 2008


Sunshine Coast hotel recommendations?

I bought a new hatSpring weather is coming, and with my new shaved head I'll have to remember to wear a hat and sunscreen—especially because chemotherapy side effects also mean I should avoid prolonged sun exposure.

More positively, my family has been looking at accommodations on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast for a weekend getaway, possibly sometime in June. We're the sort who avoid camping, and much prefer places with restaurants and perhaps a pool. There are a few such places up the coast from here, including Rockwater, Pender Harbour Resort (beware, flashy Flashness), the Sunshine Coast Resort, and the West Coast Wilderness Lodge (not really that much wilderness).

Does anyone have experience and recommendations for fun family places to stay between Gibsons and Egmont for a couple of nights?

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That hat is dapper.
Just call me Dapper Derek.
My standby for choosing hotels is TripAdvisor.com, but I could only find reviews for two of those hotels on the site:


If you're not averse to renting a coittage/condo/house instead, VRBO.com is a great resource. We recently used it to score a great deal for a weekend in Ucluelet. Here are the Sunshine Coast proerties: https://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/canada/british-columbia#5844
Thanks Karen.
Kelly and I stayed here back when Izzy was about 3 years old. It wasn't the most post place I've stayed, but we really enjoyed all of the nature around us:


If you do some digging, you'll find mixed reviews a little more slanted towards the positive ;-)

Lindsay, Gabe, Sasha and I really enjoyed our stay at the Country Cottage B&B in Robert's Creek.