29 May 2008


Trying out HDR photos

Photography has been one of my hobbies since I first borrowed my dad's Pentax SLR in the 1970s. I bought my first Nikon in high school, worked on the school annual and student papers, went to a summer photo camp, and so on.

But I've never ventured into some of the more specialized areas of photography. In particular, I'm interested in macrophotography and HDR (high dynamic range) imaging. Macro (extreme close-up) pictures require specific equipment, such as a dedicated macro lens, close-up lens accessories, lens tubes, bellows, or lens-reversing hardware—so I haven't tried it yet.

HDR, on the other hand, works by simply taking different exposures of the same scene and combining them with tone mapping software such as Photomatix. After trying some varying exposures in Burnaby's Central Park yesterday with my Nikon D50, I downloaded a Photomatix demo demo today and got the following result:

Central Park Leaves HDR Test

My picture doesn't have the bizarro look of some extreme HDR frames, but it does have a colourful, painting-like pop that most regular photos don't, as well as lots of shadow and highlight detail. I like it.

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I've been playing with hdr photography myself. My first attempt is here https://flickr.com/photos/nsenff/2474264391/
Very nice use of the technique. Thanks for not going with the extreme look.
I just started working with this technique as well and was looking for other examples when I came across yours. I created a couple of live ones this morning using Photomatrix but I appreciate the restraint in yours which give good results without looking so obviously like HDR.

I live in Colorado where the light this time of year gets very hard and the sky hazy during the day so I'm going to try this technique to align what my eye sees with the images.