10 May 2008


Volcano and thunderstorm

Via Kottke, here is a gallery of UPI photos of a thunderstorm meeting the volcanic plume from the Chaitén volcano in Chile this week. Check out picture #11:

Thunderstorm and Chaiten volcanic plume, (C) 2008 UPI

Whoa, as Keanu would say. I never knew the Spanish term for thunderstorm before, but it's pretty nifty: tormenta eléctrica.

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Which is funny, because it literally means "electric storm". But since the exact translation of "thunderstorm" would be "tormenta de truenos" and it doesn't sound as nifty, we've gone with "tormenta electrica"

And you did the right thing. It does have an accent on the second "e" :)

"Electric storm" is more accurate anyway.