17 July 2008


My Zune may be about to arrive

It looks like a few people are getting those free Zunes from Matchstick I mentioned recently. Mine would have arrived yesterday, but I was off at the clinic, and again today, so FedEx Ground is dropping by again tomorrow.

Honestly, other than the Zune itself, I'm most interested in the "premium headphones" this promotional one seems to come with. I've always found Apple's stock iPod headphone earbuds remarkably lame. On the other hand, these premium earbuds don't come stock with the Zune either.

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I used to hate the Apple earbuds but have grown used to them. I certainly prefer them over the old style
I bought a pair of the Shure earbuds and holy weird fit. The chord has to wrap around the top part of your ear and if you don't get them bang on, they just slip out. Kind of frustrating.
Make sure you try all the different ear inserts -- foam, silicone, rubber, different sizes. I use those Shure in-ear monitors too, and quite like them, but it's a very personal thing depending on how they fit. You get used to the over-ear cord thing too, which turns out to be quite handy in keeping the wires out of the way, especially if you put the cord down your back instead of under your chin.
I can't use any in-ear headphones. My ears are too small and they just won't fit.
I think my ears are different sizes, heh. Are the grippier ear pieces the clearish ones or the black ones?
The black ones are probably grippier, but keep in mind that all three kinds (black rubber, clear silicone, orange foam) come in at least two, maybe three different sizes. So play around to see which works best for you. I prefer the medium-size foam, which are like the regular drugstore foam earplugs.