11 July 2008


iPod Touch + iTunes Store = FailPod

iPod Touch 2.0 firmware + iTunes Store = FailPhone... uh, FailPod?

Looks like it's been a fun day in iPhone/iPod Touch land. And no, I don't plan to get an iPhone, and didn't get in line, but I did try to update my iPod Touch, without success.

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I shared your frustration yesterday, trying to upgrade my iPod Touch:

If the Apple error message was honest

But it worked this morning, finally
My ADD attention span kicked in, and after half an hour I resorted to bittorrent. Took 45 minutes.

I *wanted* to give them my money, honest.
Late last night, the upgrade eventually worked, so my Touch is now upgraded. I should have thought of the BT option, though.
Only tools listen to ipods
Thanks for the productive and useful comment, Anonymous. Oh, and for revealing your identity out in the open so I could respond directly too. You're such a gentleman!