01 July 2008


Happy Canada Day

It was a long, enjoyable Canada Day for me, even though it included a 3 a.m. wakeup to take my wife and kids to the airport for a trip to Disneyland, another trip a few hours later for our friend Leesa to fly towards home, and, later, nightmarish traffic to Vancouver's North Shore for a barbecue:

Ready for Disneyland! Exploding the inner tube Tempting fate with a kick Slippy slidey Waterstomper Fleur de lis
Happy Canada Day! The Jensen Canada Day BBQ John! Dude! Piñata 1 Piñata 2 Piñata 3
Piñata 4 Piñata 5 Piñata 6 Piñata 7 Piñata 8 Piñata 9
Piñata 10 Grownups relax Feet Bubbles Melon Simon and Derek
Jensen BBQ HDR Final Jensen Back Yard HDR Final 1912 House HDR Final Downtown Vancouver Skyline HDR Final Crane HDR Final Coast Guard Vessel HDR Final
Tugs HDR Final Lonsdale Quay 1 HDR Final Lonsdale Quay 2 HDR Final Piling HDR Final Container Cranes HDR Final Dual Cranes HDR Final

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