29 June 2008


Sticky Neurotic looks baked

Sticky Neurotic looks baked at Flickr.comI don't play drums as often as I used to—I did it as a full-time job in the early '90s—but I am glad I still get to do it for money on occasion. Last night my band, The Neurotics, played a wedding in Chilliwack, one of Vancouver's eastern suburbs.

And you know what? When you play drums only occasionally and get home at 3:00 in the morning, your hands hurt the next day.

No, I was not actually stoned in the photo. I do notice that the wig fits much better now that I have very little hair.

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Derek - it's the glittery jacket that makes you look so cool!
I just visited the neurotics web site and haven't laughed so much for ages!!! Reliving my youth, I suppose.
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