05 August 2008


More pictures

Before I continue with my Camera Works series, here are the latest pictures I took with my new/old film camera. I used both black and white and cross-processed slide film with crazy colours:

Dizzy and Jeff Iron fence Stoplights Spiral steps Yaletown swings Near the summit Zoom Door dawg Balloon release 1 Balloon release 2 Balloon release 3 Balloon release 4 Balloon release 5 Balloon release 6 Derek has too many guitars Tata and Air Skewers Relaxing on the porch 1 Back porch family 1 Cake cutting outtake 1 Back porch family 2 Relaxing on the porch 2 Thanks for the anniversary cake 35th and 13th anniversary cake Cutting the anniversary cake Cake cutting outtake 2 Der and Air and our butter dish My uncle and aunt on their 35th  anniversary Little Miss A Milking the cow Air and Karl BBQ masters The beggar Fragile Spray bottle Yard monsters (4 and 8) Amenities Whistler sky Bloom Gondola wheels Mask adjustments Goggles Fun jumpers Fall in Sploosh Terrier Keep runnin' Hello pardner! Cone and noodle Summer branches Lake Placid Lodge Wasabi Sushi roll Sushi yum Peach smoothie Feeding the dragon At your service Little customer Walkie talkie Camera bag contents Blue Derek

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