21 September 2008


Last day of summer

Today, my wife and I slept in (me more than her), took our kids to IHOP for brunch, had the car washed at Oasis, bought a few things at the insanely busy new Costco in Burnaby, then had a steak barbecue in our backyard with a couple of our friends and their son. My wife Air and our friend KA recorded their podcast while the rest of us took their dog Dizzy for a walk, before the rain really set in.

It was rampantly consumerist, yes, but it was a fun Sunday, and fun last day of summer for 2008.

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You write well.
As an environmentalist, I shouldn't say huzzah for rampant consumerism. But I love IHOP and shopping, so I'm +1 on the hurray for consumerism!