09 October 2008


Grad up the mountain

Tarya's SFU convocation ceremonyIt's been many years since I attended a university convocation ceremony, but I went to one today. My cousin Tarya graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Simon Fraser University, which I can see atop Burnaby Mountain from our front window.

I was glad to be able to make it, before my surgery tomorrow. (I've been on a liquid diet all day, so I had to miss out on the family lunch afterwards.) It's been almost 20 years since I graduated from UBC, and Tarya's the first in our family to get a university degree since then—and since I'm an only child, my cousins are as close to siblings as I have. She and her longtime boyfriend T.J. also just announced their engagement too, so it's an exciting month for her.

Exciting for many of us, in fact. My next excitement is that I'll be in hospital for most of the next week, so don't expect much in the way of updates here.

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Best of luck Derek. Keeping hanging in there.
hang in there, derek. hope everything goes well.
Muy bien, ahora solo te falta que te hagas peronista!
hi - hope you are recovering nicely and that you'll be back to posting soon!