06 November 2008


Audio of my CBC interview

If you missed my interview on CBC Radio earlier today, I have an MP3 file of it available now (5.2 MB, about 12 minutes). I spoke with host Stephen Quinn about all the drastic stuff I've been through since June 2007, including my major surgeries and several chemotherapy regimes, as well as the new phase of my cancer treatment, that of living with the disease rather than simply trying to destroy it.

Incidentally, I had intended on publishing the audio to my Penmachine Podcast too, but Apple's iWeb software, which I use for that, has a nasty bug that's been around since April, and which doesn't seem any closer to being fixed. It prevents me from updating the podcast without a lot of extra work, so I think I'll just plan to switch over to a less awkward podcasting tool in the near future. I'll let you know when that happens—and I'll have some new original music to post there too.

Finally, a new episode of Inside Home Recording should be online tomorrow too.

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Just listened to your interview and loved it. You have a great voice. How about giving me some pointers on how to record a podcast from home? Better yet, could you write, or point me to, something you have already written about this?

Thanks! You sounded great.
Here's a little video I made that will give you some pointers. My process is a little more complex than strictly necessary, but you can see what goes on, anyway.
I loved the interview, Derek. Great stuff!