16 December 2008


This year's tree

For the first time since before our kids were born more than a decade ago, we bought a real Christmas tree for our living room. The Douglas fir was a little messy to put up, but we have a good vacuum, and now the house smells great. It's also good sign than it's sucking up water like crazy, so it likely won't dry out in the next week and a half:

Tree's done

Unfortunately, while I I did haul it into the house and help get it put up, I didn't help decorate. That's because my current cancer medication, cediranib, has one major side effect: diarrhea, or something close to it. I don't get it every day, but when it happens, it comes on suddenly and lasts for several hours. And last night was one of those times.

My wife and daughters didn't need my help, though. They did a great job decorating, as usual.

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Douglas Fir, huh! Advantage of living in Canada I suppose. Here we have one of those new-fangled fibre optic trees ... though I wish the light patterning was more random! (Might have to add the old Christmas lights to it!)

Have a good one, Derek. Hope the side-effects of your medication won't hamper your enjoyment and partaking of a few good egg-nogs!


Steve Taylor (aka The BigBlueCat)
Melbourne, Australia